Adult Asperger’s / autism discovery is kind of like the movie ‘The Matrix’…

So much of this matches my own experience. It’s way true.

the silent wave

In the movie ‘The Matrix’, the main character, Neo, is living what he believes to be a normal life.  He goes to work as a software developer, comes home to an ordinary apartment/flat, and even helps his elderly neighbor take out her garbage.

But not all aspects of his life are so open-and-shut.  He knows on an instinctive level that something isn’t right.  He can’t quite seem to shake the feeling that there’s a disturbance in the force (to borrow shamelessly from Star Wars).  He struggles with insomnia, eventually passing out at his computer in the wee hours of the morning, clearly at odds with a nagging internal discord that gnaws at his core.

After a series of messages containing hidden meanings that catch his attention, he wisely follows his gut instincts and, to make a long and bizarre story short, he suddenly discovers that the world he’s taken at…

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