Too much emotion

I can relate to a lot of this.

the silent wave

This post might make me come across as a cold, detached person at first, but those of you who know me (or are in the process of getting to know me) have discovered (or will soon discover) that I’m actually have a spongy heart inside.

This post is about emotions…or rather, the excessive display of emotions by other people and how it can be either overwhelming or annoying to me.

I’ll probably get a few jeers from those of us who are trying to live down that “lack of empathy” stereotype (which really does just need to fade away already), but sometimes I find excessive emotional outbursts annoying.  This only happens, though, when I don’t know the person very well (or at all).

For example: one of my guilty pleasures is watching reruns of the “Dr Phil” show (yes, he has his arsehole moments and no, I don’t agree with…

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