When only autism will do.

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Yes, yes, yes…okay, okay. Alright. I boil washed another jumper! It’s becoming a thing – a metaphorical thing. 

This post is about access and exclusion. 

It’s about a stripy jumper made out of scratchy wool that doesn’t fit. Like that awful Xmas gift (that keeps on itching) – you really don’t want it but you have to say thank you.

And if you say thank you very much for all your kindness  but…(insert any variant on a polite – er…it doesn’t quite fit me) be prepared for trouble and even abuse.

This matters because we’re not really talking Christmas gifts where there is less at stake in keeping schtum. Access is about basic equality, and yet ‘social tangle alert!’ It seems we must be grateful and find ways of asserting ourselves which do not upset anybody  – unless you fancy a nice slap down that is.

Yes. It is ‘socially’ problematic…

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5 thoughts on “When only autism will do.

  1. Thank you for this very informative post. I have had issues with “functioning age labels” (being labeled as “functioning at the level of (arbitrary age under 18)”, despite the fact that I identify as an adult who sometimes needs support. You are correct in that arbitrary “functioning levels” fluctuate based on stress. Both functioning labels, and functioning age level labels need to be permanently retired. #EndFunctioningAgeLabels

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    1. VisualVox

      I wish I could take credit for the article, but it’s actually Sonia’s. I think she did a fantastic job of laying out the considerations.


  2. I am going to admit something here – I am all for making the world safer and inclusive for everyone. But I also want a better next half of my life then I’ve had. Is that selfish? We keep looking at the children; who is looking at us crusty adults?

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    1. Good question, I subscribe…
      And no, it’s not selfish. Remember, on an airplane, in case of emergency you are supposed to put on your safety gear first, children to follow. Same here… If we don’t clarify what are the specifics of adult life spectrum, we are sending our autistic children into the same darkness we are still dabbling in…

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