Autism research progress ~ hopeless without anecdotes?

Yes to this

the silent wave

Autism research is stalemated in a sorry state.  The establishment of researchers, mental health professionals, neurology specialists, puzzle piece groups, most parents of autistic children, and so on, seem to be stymied in a zero-sum game. 

I say “zero sum game” because for every discovery made, more questions arise.  For every mystery solved, more enigmas emerge.  For every new development … developed, the the collective understanding drifts further away from true progress.  For every gain, there is a loss.

The scientific community appears to be making discoveries, solving mysteries, and gaining overall, but I suspect that it’s an illusion.

An illusion and nothing more.

Sure, they’re uncovering mutated genes, in utero connections, environmental associations, hormonal abnormalities.  Sure, they’re cataloging metabolomics, maternal disease states, paternal sperm ages, heavy metal levels, autoimmune antibodies, and whatnot.  Sure, they’re conducting brain scans, blood tests, stool tests (ew), cheek swabs, and the like.  Sure, they’re…

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