I’m goin’ in…

lone tree in the distance, across a snowy field



I spent much of yesterday on the phone.

God. Help. Me. What a friggin’ nightmare. By the end of the day, I was incoherent. But I had to attend a town meeting, where I was expected to take in a whole bunch of conflicting and contentious information (in front of a room full of angry people, no less!), and so off I went to my board meeting. I got through it. I got through the day. And more medically related phone calls this morning continued the theme.

Part of me wants to stay home today and just rest. Take the day off. Then again, the disruptions to my daily schedule have been adding to my stress, and just getting back my regular routine is by far the most relaxing thing for me. It keeps me busy. I need to keep busy. I need some structure and order to my life. I need to have something to show for my efforts, instead of just more data and mountains of helpless frustration.

I also need to swim – and the pool is at the fitness center at work. God, how I need to swim.

So, off I go to get my shower and get into the day.

I’ve washed the soft, comfy mock turtleneck I’ll be wearing to the women and autism conference in the Boston area on Friday (woot! so excited to go!). I have my schedule all worked out for the day. All I really want, is to settle into a good cadence, listen to music, have a normal, regular, predictable, boring day.

For once.

Off I go…

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