Why #Autism / #Aspergers Diagnosis is so critical for women and girls – “Diagnosis” – A Year In – Colouring Outside The Lines

I’m sharing a great piece about the impact of an autism diagnosis for a 9-year-old girl and her family. Very hopeful!

A year ago, we received the official report; our quirky, funny, razor-sharp daughter was autistic (with a side-helping of ADHD just to keep us on our toes). So, what did that piece of paper change?

Put simply, everything and nothing.

It did not change the unconditional love we have for our daughter, it did not change our hopes & dreams & aspirations for her (and those she has for herself). She is as beautiful and talented as she was ‘before’, her eyes are just as sparkling blue and her laugh just as contagious. The moods are just as tricky to handle, the need for routine remains, she continues to battle through each day and we remain the proudest parents on the planet. It was not a magic wand, it does not guarantee lifelong support and it did not suddenly make the world a more autism friendly place but…

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One thought on “Why #Autism / #Aspergers Diagnosis is so critical for women and girls – “Diagnosis” – A Year In – Colouring Outside The Lines

  1. These are song lyrics from a famous singer/musician Quote: “the clue could only come from you”………… I simply applied Aspie knowledge to that as NUCLEUS. I wasn’t looking intentionally for hidden meaning, the clue is from the very beginning of time for AUTISM.
    It was then I realised I had a different language in my brain from the mainstream, & I also knew it is transformed using the periodic table of science, it works in tandem.

    There is no better authority on the autistic spectrum than the already, autistic race of people.

    I simply love subjects such as quantum physics. semantics, music, history, geography (especially maps). Math etc.

    For me the solar energies that feed all existence are the answer to the aspie mystery… SUN CLUE.= NUCLEUS the basis for all living material. We AUTISTS are the ANGELS derived from the word ORGANELLES, in EUKARYOTIC CELLS we are two in one carrying the GENETIC MATERIAL for a NEW SPECIES OF MANKIND.
    If you don’t want to believe this it’s because you ‘probably would never accept’ that the human race could ‘never run out of the material that makes humans’ too. The world, as it is for you, is not a healthy place to be, especially for babies/children, you know this!! AUTISTS have a foot in both worlds, we may appear insular but we don’t have war in our world.
    We can & will bring about change on Earth. PAX TIBI

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