Asperger’s / autism and vulnerability

I can so relate to so much in this post.

the silent wave

One of the attributes that I have always despised the most is that of my vulnerability.  Sometimes I feel like I’m standing naked in the open, everything exposed for the world to see–and sneer and jeer at.

Not pleasant.  Not comfortable.

It’s been more than 10 months since I snuggled into my spot on the autism spectrum, but although my sense of validation and my self-confidence have shot through the roof, the vulnerability hasn’t budged. Not that I magically expected it to, but maybe a part of me was wishing upon a star, holding out for the impossible.

The Asperger’s/autism realization, though, has brought me a streak of light, of peace.  Although nothing has changed (why would it?  I’m still me 🙂 ), I’ve been able to decode my life and answer those enigmatic conundrums.  I believe that half the battle (any battle) is knowing why.  Why are we the…

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2 thoughts on “Asperger’s / autism and vulnerability

  1. Anonymous

    Humbly, I am asking help for my daughter and her autistic son. I am reaching out to bloggers who have a presence online with autism or single moms or those who champion medical causes. To say my daughter is in a storm is an understatement. Heart breaking storm, but I do believe love always finds a way. Can you help here by reading my daughters crowd funding campaign and sharing it with others? Even if you are unable to donate, what is more important is sharing it so it can get exposed to possibly thousands of others thru the ripple effect. Please post to your Facebook or even just send to a few in your close circle. Forever grateful with any sharing you do.
    Here is the link:

    Or this works also

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