How to help an Autistic

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Autism and Expectations

Last year I was sent this wonderful Ted Talk to listen to. I wasn’t sure of its relevance at first, but it soon became clear.

Here it is, well worth a watch:Ernesto Sirolli: Want to help someone? Shut up and listen

It got me thinking about so many of my problems, and they are all based in connections. They are all based between me and others.

The Ted Talk is about being an NGO in Africa, not about Autism or disability, but the comparisons are stark.

The way that our Western eyes viewed Africa as either Patronising or Paternalistic… that’s how people view disabilities too.

The way those who want to help wander around trying to come up with solutions, without asking the communities they are trying to help… that’s how people have traditionally approached helping people with Autism.

Over and over again what Ernesto says strikes a chord…

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