Part of me needs to go for a walk. But most of me wants to stay in.

snowy road with trees in the distanceI need to go out for a Sunday afternoon walk. I used to do this every single weekend,  walking sometimes for hours all by myself. But over the past months, I just haven’t had the urge. I dunno why that is. Anxiety? Possibly. Wanting to do other things? Probably.

I want to curl up on the sofa with my handful of research papers.

I want to crawl into bed and sleep the afternoon away.

I want to catch up on my edits for my memoir.

I want to write more blog posts.

But I have to get off my butt and get out there. I need to make a change. I’ve been too sedentary, these past few weeks, between feeling awful after I finish my maraton snow shoveling sessions, to just not feeling like going out into the cold. My schedule is all messed up. I’m tired. I’m out of sorts. And I’ve been staying put.

But yeah, I need to make a change.

The only problem is… If I go out, I may run into people. Not literally — actually – wait – yes, literally. I have been having trouble with my balance, lately, slamming into things accidentally (where did that come from?). And I’ve been known to nearly careen into people I’m passing, while walking down the roads near my place. For some reason, I just veer over towards them as they’re passing by, and I barely veer away from them before I run into them.

So, there’s that prospect that’s putting me off.

The other thing is, I’m tired. I’m not feeling great. I know I’ll feel better, if I just get out there, but getting myself moving… that’s such a challenge.

And I can find other things to do.

Like writing a blog post about it! 😀

Meh. Enough whining. Time to marshal my inner forces and just get on with it.

Now, where are my walking shoes…


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