Reblogging from Sam Craft: “Aspie” Rant: Integrity within Autistic Groups and Networks

This is an awesome post!

The original start of the title was Master Mind Fu** . . . Which still works.

I abide by the philosophy of take what you need and leave the rest behind. I was taught manners and live by the golden rule of treat others how I wish to be treated. I take pride in my ability to steadfastly stand the high ground. Never have I used my influences to discount another person’s actions or works: regardless of the temptation. Never have I called out an agency or organization in a public blog post. Never have I chosen sides in the eyes of many. Some might see my acts as weakness. As people pleasing. As avoiding conflict. That’s fine. I truthfully don’t care. I know myself. And that is what matters. But I challenge anyone to live like I do for a year. To not lower yourself. To not turn one wrong into two.

It takes little to no effort to act based on a reaction. That’s how we live each second.

It takes huge reserves of strength to stop from reacting in extremes, when we believe we’ve been wronged. It takes character and self-control not to buy into gossip and not follow suit in action, with someone who is degrading and belittling you. How good it feels to shout: Fuck YOU!

Read the rest of this terrific post at: “Aspie” Rant: Integrity within Autistic Groups and Networks


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