The Real Voice of Autism

So, so true!

Everyday Autistic

DSC_6237A speech by an autistic

What is autism?

Once I say I am “autistic,” I understand I will never be perceived the same again. And that is both my sword to bear and light to share.

There is no way to fully understand autism, unless you are autistic. But there are numerous ways to raise your personal awareness. Particularly useful are firsthand accounts by actual autistics and historical perspectives by respected journalists. While it is hard to pin down the term ‘autism’ in a short interval of time, I can tell you what the average autistic is not. They are not ‘Rain Man,’ and they are not the stereotypes perpetuated in the media. We are typically, in my experience, caring, loving human beings with great potential. And, like all individuals, given the proper support systems and acceptance, we can excel to great heights; and like all people, given repeated oppression…

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