Autistic, Staring, and Silent

A very nice piece that rings true for me, too.

the silent wave

I’ve heard some parents of autistic children mention that their child stares into space, sometimes for long periods of time, usually without saying anything.

I was one of those Aspergian/autistic children.  And I did this. 

Now I’m an Aspergian/autistic adult.  And I still do this.

I won’t claim to speak for your child, nor any other autistic person, no matter what their age.  As usual, I can only speak for myself.

And today, true to form, I will <grin>.

What was I thinking about when I was staring into space?

As a child, I would stare at my dinner plate, imagining that the plate was the surface of another world.  I would imagine what it would be like to inhabit that world.  How there’s nothing to do, and how boring that must be.  I did the same with the kitchen table surface, and throughout the span of my early childhood…

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