Ha ha! The next person who flames me via Direct Message gets this:

Thank you for sharing.

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Quisque consequat felis ac erat elementum, vitae iaculis lorem porta. Pellentesque sit amet facilisis purus. Fusce non lacus turpis. Pellentesque feugiat lacinia nunc a pretium. Nullam eget dapibus neque. Aliquam eu urna in mauris tristique sodales. Phasellus vitae convallis sem. Integer cursus efficitur finibus. Pellentesque fermentum metus metus. Curabitur non lectus nec risus condimentum mattis.

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8 thoughts on “Ha ha! The next person who flames me via Direct Message gets this:

    1. VisualVox

      Ha! It’s actually gibberish that designers (particularly web) use to keep clients from falling in love with the text that they put in design mock-ups. It means nothing. Nothing at all 🙂 And that’s what makes it so useful.

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  1. My reply above is really inappropriate as it is promoting what my clear thinking mind wouldn’t. So easy to hook into isolated details, intricacies that have a fascinating side aspect and overlook the broader picture.
    Could it be better to completely ignore malicious DMs and not fuel the fire!

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  2. Have you disappeared? Notice that # actually autistic is static. Can understand. All that spurred me to write a post, after a long lull, regarding a possible Code of Ethics to protect Autistic Bloggers… by that I meant to cover anomalies that can’t be easily foreseen so that no one is flamed and no one vilified for a well intentioned but misguided act.

    Do not wish to offend anyone but put in place some safeguards.

    Possibly won’t get far with this but at least I tried.Possibly my post may be considered to open the wounds … I don’t know but I see dilemma I’m faced with and can’t act.

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    1. VisualVox

      Oh, my life is quite rich and full with a variety of things, so I went off to accomplish something fun and productive, and take a break from the drama. I really don’t have a lot of time to spare on splitting hairs, right now. And I’m over getting “hooked” into things. There’s so much else to do and be consumed by. Why not put my perserverative tendencies to good use, instead of getting stuck in a downward spiral…


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