elaborations on the neurotypical-run autism panel at LSELitfest

Holy smokes… this is all amazing food for thought. I’m trying to suspend judgment and just consider this logically. But it’s a challenge.

a sunny momentum

(Figured I might as well post the whole thing here, so everyone’s clear on the position. As always, sorry, I’m incredibly long-winded, so I’ll present it without comment and spare you the secondary essay.)

From: Me

To whom it may concern,

Hi. I hope I’m sending this to the most appropriate email address. It’s recently come to my attention that your upcoming event for the 2017 Literary Festival, “Viewing Autism Through The Arts Lens”, is an event about autism in the arts without a single autistic artist on the guestlist. Or, indeed, a single autistic anyone, though I note you’ve made space for a Martin Knapp, who has kindly described it as “the most costly medical condition in the UK” elsewhere on your site, helpfully adding another voice to the damaging discourse that views disabled or neurodiverse as a drain on the economy, one in a long line of perspectives that…

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