Physical Health: Listening to Your Body | Auptima Press

As much diversity as there is on the spectrum we all have sensory regulation and processing challenges which can play a major role in how we feel and ultimately our physical health. We may be under-sensitive to some painful sensations and we may also have a processing delay which can last from anywhere to a few seconds to days and even weeks for some of us.

Dee’s Story: I was 44 years old before I realized that there was a delay between the time I felt physical pain and its onset. I would walk around with a tension headache for a couple of days before I recognized it and then it took me another day or two to remember that I could take medicine to relieve it.

Pain is the way our body tells us something is wrong, and that an adjustment needs to be made. When we don’t hear this message we continue to subject ourselves to environments or behaviors that can be harmful.


Read the full post and download a worksheet you can use to track your physical issues here: Physical Health: Listening to Your Body – at Auptima Press


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