The #Aspergers counseling might just work out

girl along wall looking to light
This might just work out, after all

I had a really good meeting with the counselor I found, who works with folks on the spectrum. It’s not all he does, but he’s been familiar with Aspergers since 2000, so that’s something.

I got lost on my way there. No, correction, I didn’t get lost. My GPS got lost, and I made the mistake of trusting it. It sent me to the next town over, which is just bizarre, since I explictly put in the town I was going to.

Oh, well. I was 15 minutes late for my first session, which I hate. But what can you do? In a way it was good, because it showcased one my pronounced vulnerabilities (that’s not supposed to happen, ’cause I’m so smart, and all) — getting lost when I’m going to a brand new place for the first time. I’m notorious for doing that, and people just shake their heads about it. Shrug. I dunno what to tell you. I just get turned around. And I have no idea where I am. I have no idea what’s going on around me. I can’t see my surroundings, because I’m so focused on The Task Of Getting Where I Am Going. I’m driving “blind”. And my GPS lied to me. Which is why I was pulling into the driveway of a private residence on a rural back road, instead of pulling into the parking lot of a public building in the middle of the next town over.

Well, at least I got where I was going.

And the counselor was pretty cool. We had some things in common that I wasn’t expecting. And he said flat-out that he “gets” Aspergers for some reason. Maybe he’s on the spectrum. He seemed a bit Aspie to me when I talked to him on the phone, and then later in person.

He’s cool with keeping Asperger’s off the radar for insurance. He’s just going to say I’m dealing with anxiety. It’s true. I am. That, and everything else.

We had a good talk. I’m a bit disoriented and discombobulated this week, since I haven’t been sleeping well, and I’ve not only seen a new doctor, but also a new counselor. And work is busy. And there are other exciting things happening, that I look forward to sharing the next few days.

There’s a reason I’ve been pretty quiet here on this blog. I’ve been working a lot on a very cool project with another resident of our multivariate spectrum. It’s very, very cool to be doing the work I’ve been doing — doing computer programming is one of my complex stims. It soothes me and settles me, and it uses a completely different part of my brain than I use in the NT world. It’s elevating in all the best ways.

Plus, you get something cool from it, as a result.

And that’s quite awesome.

So, this has been a good week. The folks at Standing Rock got a reprieve from the Army Corps of Engineers, who have denied the easement to the folks who want to drill under the Missouri River. I got a new doctor and found someone to talk to about my Aspie life. And my partner has been doing better, health-wise. I’m feeling good and strong… tired and shaky… nervous and confident all at the same time.

And tomorrow’s Friday, which is fantastic. I can’t wait for the weekend.

Plus, I figured out what will help my holiday season depression — listening to Handel’s Messiah. I haven’t been religious for years, and I’m actually an agnostic / atheist. So, I don’t really relate to all the religious imagery and messages of this time of year. But there’s something about the music that really moves me, and it reminds me of when I was a kid, and my mom used to listen to her records of the Mormon Tabernacle Choir. It reminds me of all that. It soothes me. And it really “feels right” for this time of year, so I’m listening to it, whenever I can. In the car during my commute. While I’m working. It’s all good.

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