How I “hid” (or “coped with”) Asperger’s

We all have our ways of meshing with the world. And it’s great when we can find a way that works well for us – as well as others. It’s totally possible.

the silent wave

I wasn’t going to blog today; it’s Monday and I’m at the office, and there’s work to be done, a to-do list which nags at me internally.

But the creative muse operates on a different timeclock; she doesn’t care what you’re doing at the time.  When she taps you on the shoulder, you listen.  Because her timing, as always, is perfect, since she is “tuned in” if you will, to the universe-at-large.  And she knows that somewhere, somehow, someone might need this right now.

And so it is.

Willingly, gladly, I will write it.

To be exceptionally clear, I do not hold the belief that Asperger’s/autism is a bad thing.  It is not something that needs to be (or even should be) “hidden”.  It also doesn’t need to be “coped with”.  I don’t perceive it as a defect of any kind at all.

At least, not in itself.  We are…

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