Autism in the Winter

I concur. I love winter, too – for so many of the reasons discussed.

Autism and Expectations

I love the winter. Spaces that summer warmth fills with people, are emptied by North winds.

Faces and voices are muffled by scarves and hats. Expressions are muted.

Everyone hides away in homes, or collect together in arranged huddles at Christmas markets and concerts. Groupings are pre-arranged and less organic. I’m less likely to fall into accidental socialising.

There is more structure as the weather pushes people into making arrangements, rather than wandering around in the hopes of bumping into someone to interact with.

The beaches are empty. I can wrap myself in layers of softness against the biting wind. I can be nothing more than eyes, and the whole world is open and clear.

Everything is warm darkness or cold light. Smells are spicey, not the cloying stickiness of summer sprays. Enjoying lights and textures becomes the norm, not an oddity.

I love buying presents. Shopping is itchy and…

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