What will keep me in one piece?

outstretched hand
Reaching out, not pulling back, will save me

The past couple of weeks since the US election have been pretty demanding.

Empathically exhausting.

Cognitively overwhelming.

Until, that is, I realized just how intense the Russian interference was, nothing made sense. Now a lot of things make sense. And I’m actually comforted by the idea that the only way a certain individual could actually win, was by lying, cheating, stealing, and enlisting the help of one of the most sophisticated propaganda and psychological warfare machines on the planet.

Russia is so invasive, propaganda-wise, the EU actually recently passed a resolution against Russian influence.

And much of American society has been gorging itself on a steady diet of “fake news” (i.e., propaganda) designed to sow seeds of doubt and cynicism that create tiny cracks in the foundation of democratic systems. Technology is easy to hack — and people’s minds are even easier. Especially when you’re portraying your drivel as legitimate “news”… and everybody reading it thinks they’re too smart to be fooled.

The minute you think you’re too smart to be tricked, you’re done for.

Anyway, I’ve “dropped back” and have been doing additional research. I’ve learned a tiny, tiny bit about Ivan Ilyin, the Russian political philosopher whose brand of fascism Putin and other Russian power brokers have embraced and promoted. I’ve learned how Ilyin believed the individual was evil, and only a totalitarian state will further the evolutionary goals of “God”. I’ve also been reading about how the Nazi propaganda machine played the US press for 9 years, feeding it a sophisticated stream of propaganda that hit on many notes — friendly, conciliatory, comraderie-spawning, as well as intimidating (as in, look at our overpowering, irresistable might, you American toads, and fear for your lives) and designed to foster in-fighting and disarray and psychological distress in the USA.

It sounds an awful lot like the machinations of the Russian propaganda  machine that’s been glutting our new social media outlets with lies and distortions, designed to spread cynicism and disbelief for every sort of news – including accurate reports.

And now I don’t feel quite as bad.

True, I’m still extremely nervous about the prospect of Trump getting into the White House, along with his minions who seem hand-picked to dismantle everything we’ve worked so hard as a nation to build up. And I’m gearing up for a fight, in case the recounts don’t work, the Electoral College sides with Trump, or something else happens to keep Clinton out of the presidency.

But now I know more about how they’re coming after us — all the forces of fascism that have been rising, over the past months and acting out. I also know more about who my real friends are, and I’m not encumbered by right-wing (fascist) “friends” on Facebook, anymore. I’ve dropped them. They’ve dropped me. It feels a lot lighter.

I also know how I’m going to combat this rising tide of totalitarianism — with a whole lot of individuality and complex thought. I’m not spouting the rhetoric of “unity” and “peaceful transition”. And I’m not falling for the tone policing of people who just can’t handle conflict and think that the pain caused others is worth the price of our freedom.

I’m just so done with that.

No more.

Well, it’s time to run some errands and get back to my regular life. I’ve had a few days off for Thanksgiving, and now it’s time to take all the trash to the dump. And then it’ll be time for a nap, followed by a drive in the country with my parter, my lover, my life.

I now know what will keep me in one piece.

Resistance, in the individual ways I can manage it.

Research, to better understand what the hell is happening, and why it’s happening again.

Rest, to help me recover my strength.

Resolve, to keep doing it. All over again.

And a whole lot of gratitude that we haven’t lost every shred of our freedom, just yet.


4 thoughts on “What will keep me in one piece?

    1. VisualVox

      Thank you. It’s really very comforting to increase my knowledge about things. I’m also reading biographies and writings of US founding fathers (and mothers). Good stuff.

      Liked by 1 person

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