The Asperger’s / autism spectrum #neurosibling “Hive-Mind”

I know this for a fact. But the explanation would require an extensive series of posts, so I’ll leave it at that,

the silent wave

I’ve been wanting to write this post for a while.  After all, I started to notice it a long time ago.  But I wanted to be sure – sure that it wasn’t just Newbie-Me, fresh on the spectrum scene, desperately seeking and grasping for parallels in order to finally feel like I belong, to finally feel like I had something in common with someone.  I wanted to be sure that it wasn’t a wishful illusion, a pure coincidence, something my mind invented in order to feel like part of something special.

Because I had never before been any of those things.  I’d never belonged.  I’d never been parallel to anyone, let alone a group of any kind.  I’d never been a part of something special.

But now, after one day shy of eight months of reading, chatting, commenting, mentally comparing notes, nodding, and being able to say, “yes! I actually…

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