Dear Fellow #Neurosiblings ~ A shout-out to the #ActuallyAutistic community… (200th post)

What a truly lovely post. Such a pleasure to read!

the silent wave

A couple months ago, for the 100th post on this blog, I wanted to give a shout-out to the blog writers on the Asperger’s/autism spectrum who had helped me so much, especially during those earlier times when I was seeking loads of information.  By doing what they do, writing what they write, and being who they are, their spirits and their words hugged me firmly-but-gently, like a warm, soft security blanket, giving me not only the information I was seeking, but also hope, security, and self-confidence.

It has happened again.

I joined several Asperger’s/autism-related Facebook groups in April-May of this year, and joined Twitter a few months later, in July.  Throughout this same time period, I’ve also interacted with other blog-writers in a more personal way, whether on my blog or theirs.

Much like coming across those uplifting blog posts, meeting these uplifting kindred spirits–the people themselves–has been an incredible…

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