The freight train brain

I can relate to a lot in this post.

the silent wave

Biochemistry exhilarates me.  I have spent entire workdays solely investigating Lysine metabolism.  I’ve spent two and a half years (and counting) researching branched-chain amino acid metabolism.  It makes my soul sing inside.

Even before I knew I was an Aspie, I called my “research” “diving down deep”.  That was my term for it.  It was–and remains–on my short-list of favorite activities.  I would close my office door, the unquestionable signal NOT to attempt to get my attention.  Even my staff half-jokingly found the following meme:


“Are you on fire?” Then, in flowchart fashion, it proceeds to split “No” from “Yes”.  If “No”: “I’m busy.”  If “Yes”: “Then put yourself out and wait patiently, I’m still busy.”

We got a good belly laugh from it, but we were also well aware of its pinpoint accuracy.  They printed it out, stuck it in a page protector, and taped it to my door…

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