“Shutdown” — what it is and what it isn’t.

Great post! I can so relate.

Crabby Centaur

When I shut down, it is like I am becoming ill with the flu. I feel achy, extremely tired, I need to be in a quiet dark room immediately, my executive functioning stops, my body becomes frozen/very still, and communication becomes difficult or non-existent. If this happens when I am out of the house (which is the usual way of things), then I need to get a taxi home immediately and actually need somebody else to call that taxi for me and pay for it if I don’t have any money on me. Shutdown completely disables me.

There are stages leading up to shutdown where my movements become slow, I struggle making basic decisions, and I sit and stare at inanimate objects as I try to muster up the energy to get myself into a safe space.

When I shutdown it usually relates to one of three things: too much…

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