How to get an Asperger’s/autism diagnosis in the US without potential “issues”…

Great tips! Might come in handy for someone, someday.

the silent wave

Some of you may be thinking, “cognitive dissonance much?  A month ago you were warning us not to get a diagnosis in the US, and now you’ve gone and gotten one!”

I know.  It looks strange, at first glance.

I’ll explain…

Yes, the potential threats I described last month are real.  That hasn’t changed.  Nor have I had a change of heart, suddenly deciding that the threats aren’t so dire after all (they could certainly still be).

So why and how did I do it, and what options does one have if they’re an American seeking diagnosis?

There are two possible options that I know of…

The first option is to go outside the US.  I do still plan to do this when my suddenly-bleak financial situation improves.  (I was going to get two opinions at once, but then realized that money was tighter than I thought and had…

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