(For me,) #AutismIs (Autism is…)

“YES!!!!’ to all of this!

the silent wave

… missing things other people see, and seeing things other people miss

… both a disability and a superpower

… often being able to accomplish the extraordinary, but not always being able to accomplish the ordinary

… a sea of misconceptions (from others) and underlying truths (within myself)

… an elegantly simple explanation for every seemingly-miscellaneous quirk, wrapped up in a suspiciously neat package

… the newfound instruction manual to/of my life

… a different ability (there are things I can’t do at all, things I can’t do on some days, things I can only do with extra effort, and things I can do better, with less effort)

… an invisible disability (on some days)

… the one (accurate) label no one (including myself) had ever considered

… loving being at a fairgrounds but despising the mall

… why I can zero in on people’s feelings but not their thoughts

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