Autism: The Evolutionary Cure for Bullshit

Now, THIS is a welcome perspective! Ha – what a great read, and a great way to start the day.


It’s hard to believe this breakthrough in evolution has been happening right under our noses and yet we just didn’t recognize the gravity and awesomeness of what is really taking place at this critical time in human history. We, the autism community, have been fighting and bullying each other over this label and that, over causes and cures. Folks are terrified of the “tsunami of autism” coming due to the exponential rise in prevalence. But all of that mess is meaningless because autism is the cure.

no bsWhat?! you say? Oh, yes. Let’s explore this phenomenon of human evolution together. And let me preempt the expected onslaught of commenters who think I am crazy because some autistics are not possibly capable of being evolutionary supreme beings – mountains of science has already proven that an average of 90% of human communication is nonverbal.  If you think that autistics who don’t speak…

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