No longer pretending

Awesome post! Sounds like an excellent plan!

the silent wave

I’m not sure exactly when it happened, but a little while back, sometime after finding out that I “have” Asperger’s/autism, I shed part of my mask.  I realized I’d been “acting” all this time, and I gave myself permission to drop the act (at least, most of the time).

The reason I’m only writing about this now is that I only became conscious of this act-dropping and permission-giving more recently.

During an insomnia bout last week, I verbalized to myself the following…

I’m just going to be me.

If I need to stim, then I’m going to stim.  (Sometimes I have little choice; I can stop if I really concentrate, but the minute I begin to focus on something else, the stimming resumes.)  If I want to rock back and forth, then I’ll rock back and forth.  I find that very relaxing.

If I want to be straightforward, I’m going…

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9 thoughts on “No longer pretending

  1. This field was intentionally left blank

    Omg thank you, luv! Very kind of you 😊😊

    Oh–I noticed that your reblog button disappeared! I know that’s a WordPress problem right now. Any word on that? Or could it be my outdated desktop browser (lol)? It was there recently, but I know that updates can happen suddenly. I wanted to share one of your posts. ❤️

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    1. VisualVox

      Dang it! I don’t know why that happened. I turned it off… then on again… still no dice. Argh! Well, you can always use the PressThis thingie — you can save it as a bookmarklet. But that missing reblog button is a problem.

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      1. This field was intentionally left blank

        Cool! Thank you for pointing the Press This thing out to me. You’re probably going to laugh (I did)–I hadn’t seen that before! Lol 😊 I’ll certainly use that. Do you know if it works the same way as the Reblog button? Does it credit you as the original author and give a link back to your site? ❤️

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      2. VisualVox

        It’s not exactly the same. It doesn’t credit the author, but it does link back, I believe. Play around with it and see… Ugh, I can’t believe Reblog has disappeared! Maybe they want to keep my noise down? 😉


  2. Lycosa

    Still struggling to drop the mask, myself… It’s like a reflex after 48 years even though I know it’s frying my nervous system. Also, talking to yourself out loud is an aspie thing? That makes me feel better, LOL

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      1. Lycosa

        I’m sure I’ll eventually find a balance, but what I am noticing now after finding out I’m autistic is that I am hyper-aware of everything I do that is ‘off’ and I get self conscious, which makes me nervous, which amplifies whatever I was doing that made me self conscious (usually struggling for words) to begin with and it turns into a negative feedback loop. I finish most workdays exhausted and barely verbal as a result.

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      2. VisualVox

        I hear you… been there, myself.

        You know what helped me — and helped take the pressure off?

        1) Realizing that nobody (but NO-body) was paying any attention to me. They were too caught up with themselves to notice dorky ole me.

        2) Comparing myself to others and realizing that – hey! – I’m not bad at all. Other people run around wreaking havoc left and right, and they never think another thing about it, while I make myself literally ill, worrying about what harm I’ve done.

        3) If I were really a bad person, I wouldn’t care — so I must be a good person, after all!

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