‘Research says there are only 4 emotions’ – one Aspie’s response

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the silent wave

One day, my counselor/therapist asked me to try to identify what I was feeling.  He listed off the basic categories on his fingers.  “Happy, sad, mad, scared.”

I froze.  Not in fear, but in confusion.  What if what I was feeling was more vague and/or complex than that?  How do I shoehorn it into just one category?

I took my best wild-arse guess.

I don’t remember what it was.  What I do remember is getting home and thinking, “Happy, sad, mad, scared” just doesn’t cut it.  I can’t speak for other Aspie/autistic people, much less the “rest of the world” at large.  But I can speak for myself, and I’m thinking that those categories are much too simplistic, at least for this Aspie.

Sure, “happy, sad, mad, scared” are the four accepted principal emotional categories, but my (and probably others’) emotions run deeper and more complex than that.

For example…

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One thought on “‘Research says there are only 4 emotions’ – one Aspie’s response

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