Accessible Autism

This is so true for me, as well.

Autism and Expectations

Access to services doesn’t just mean that services need to exist, it means we need to be able to access them.

I’m not good at contacting people. That is an enormous under-exaggeration. I am terrible at contacting people. If it needs to be done by face or by phone, I may never do it at all, but even contact by email can be hard.

Then there’s asking for help. I fear being vulnerable. I fear being ridiculed. I rarely ask for help.

I’m a grown up. I don’t have an advocate to speak for me. People perhaps would if I asked them to, but how would I begin to ask? Who can I blame for that but me?

When I was first diagnosed I asked about services and was told there weren’t any. I asked about help and was told that whilst I would probably benefit from certain structures, there…

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