Best cure for #autistic drama : Menopause!

landscape with mountains
See that peaceful massive rock in the distance? That’s me 🙂

I have to say, ever since I quit “cycling” every month, my autistic life has become So . Much . Easier.


I have gradually lost a ton of anxiety about “what other people will think”, whether or not I fit in, if I’m weird or not, as well as a whole host of other social phobias that used to plague me.

I felt like I was walking around, dragging a long string of tin cans that announced my awkward approach.

It was just wretched.

Since I got off the hormonal roller-coaster, though, everything has gotten so much more mellow. Manageable. Delightful, even. And my strengths are able to come out, versus my deficits.

AND I have a clearer view of what those strengths are.

Whoever’s doing research on the impact of autism on girls and women needs to look at our hormonal profiles. Ideally, they’d come up with some ideas about how we can better navigate the monthly cycle. Because it’s a big friggin’ deal, in so, so many ways.

Here’s hoping they get clued in on that and throw some money at that question, instead of chasing a “cure”.


3 thoughts on “Best cure for #autistic drama : Menopause!

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    Awesome post!! I hadn’t thought of that, but I reckon it’s totally true. People look at me funny when I say that I can’t wait for menopause, but it’s true–I do! Right now, I’m kind of in a bind because I’m still cycling, but because I’ve had a hysterectomy, I have no idea when I’m coming up on my cycle, so the symptoms come up out of the blue and take my world by storm lol. I’ve heard, though, that if you’ve had a hysterectomy, even if you still have your ovaries, you’ll probably go through menopause a couple years earlier. I really hope that’s true, because I can’t wait to join you! 😊💜

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        Hehe thank you 😊 Interestingly enough, I’ve gotten a sneak-a-peek at what menopause will likely be like; before my hysterectomy, I was put on a drug called Lupron to shrink the massive fibroids that necessitated the surgery. It stops all estrogen production (which feeds fibroid growth). About all I got were hot flashes (lots of those lol), and I think I was moody for maybe 2 days total out of the 4 months I was on the Lupron. I heard that hot flashes don’t last more than the first couple years, so I think my menopause will be pretty benign. It’ll be nice not to have to wonder if my ups and downs are cycle-related or not lol 😊

        Thank you for the good-luck wishes! ❤️

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