Failing at Asperger’s / autism…?

It happens to the best of us. I think of it as one of our rites of passage — traversing the gauntlet of autism orthodoxy & self-dx deniers. Some survive, others succumb. It’s a pity we can’t all pull together.

the silent wave

It seems ironic that not 24 hours ago, I felt like joining hands and singing Kum-bah-ya with the spectrum world, given all the unity and solidarity I felt from and within the social media community.

But today seems like a different story.  It seems as though as soon as the clock struck midnight, anything I said was a disastrous misstep.

Although I’ve been on the spectrum all my life, I haven’t been living the culture for very long.  It has only been six months today that I’ve even been aware of my own Asperger’s orientation; in the grand scheme of my lifespan thus far, I’ve only been cognizant of my spectrumhood for about 1.2% of the time (six months divided into 39 years).  As you probably know, I began researching immediately.  An entire new world opened up wide, swallowing me.  Suddenly, I had a plume of new terms to discover…

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