Autism and Expectations

Maybe it’s the change in weather as the Autumn leaves start to fall, but I’m in hiatus.

I’ve been frantically busy for a month and now I’m feeling that energy hangover. From my aching joints, to my slow-moving limbs, I am tired.

I feel distanced from the world at times like this. Cocooned in some strange fabric, and any connection I have to make jars with that fluidity.

Sound is harsher, change is more difficult to deal with, everything is more than a step away, I have to reach for it.

I can feel my brain just ticking over in the background. It’s slightly burnt out, not badly, not extremely, just a bit. It needs to idle for a while.

To soothe it I throw it into logic puzzles. Sudokus are always a favourite. Find the hardest I can, refuse to pencil in any possibilities, only certainties, and watch my…

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