The importance of storytelling for #ActuallyAutistic people

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the silent wave

When I was growing up, I was quick to make snap judgments about people.  I don’t know if it was more instinctual or something I’d learned (probably from Dad) early on.  I do know that it was out of irritability in general.  I now know that the irritability was borne of anxiety and nervousness.  It’s not an excuse by any stretch, but it does explain things a little.

As I grew up, my mom was an excellent guide.  She would say things like “never assume” and “don’t judge”.  Throughout my childhood and adolescence, she would elaborate on the caution against judgment.  She said, “you never know what the other person might be going through.”

She gave examples.  The kid making my life hell at school might have a rough home life.  The boyfriend who caught me up in his emotional rollercoaster might thrive on chaos because he lacks the tools…

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