Seeking official #autism diagnosis in the United States may get (much?) riskier…

These are REALLY important considerations. Very, very good to keep in mind.

the silent wave

If you live in the United States and you…

  • are currently self-diagnosed/self-assessed as autistic but are considering or wanting to obtain an official/formal autism diagnosis
  • are currently going through the process of getting diagnosed as autistic
  • have already been officially/formally diagnosed as autistic

…then I strongly recommend reading this and taking it to heart.  If you have not yet gotten an official autism diagnosis, I would approach the endeavor with serious caution, and/or consider going outside of the US–and off the official record–for the diagnosis, if you’re seeking diagnosis for your own clarity, closure, or peace of mind, and you don’t necessarily need a diagnosis on record for the purposes of employment or academic accommodations.  In short, I urge you to tread carefully, especially in cases where an official, on-record diagnosis may be more “elective” (not meant to be offensive or make light of anyone’s individual situation).


Because there…

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