Oh… this is really, really good

A fantastic post about the ongoing discussion / debate about “who gets to call themself autistic”:


Should I or Shouldn’t I?

I am not claiming any expertise here; the following is simply a brief commentary on recent Twitter activity with purely my own perspective/understanding/thoughts…please read all the way through before any adverse reactions set in!

There has been a simply splendid amount of debate in social media of late concerning autistic individuals with an ‘official’ diagnosis (i.e. presumably a medical, clinical assessment followed by a ‘yup, you’re on the spectrum’ kind of response); sadly – very sadly – there have also been some hurtful comments flying about between individuals who oppose one another in relation to their position. My summary of the ‘discussions’ is as follows:

Read the full post here – https://blogs.shu.ac.uk/autism/2016/10/11/the-diagnosis-debate/?doing_wp_cron=1476202162.9359951019287109375000. I really hope you do!

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