The potential ‘Dark Side’ of Asperger’s / autism ‘self-diagnosis’

Yes. To all of this.

the silent wave

This is the second in what will probably be three posts in this series.  Whether or not there will be a third post depends on how gutsy I am to publish the third.

I apologize if this looks like I’m beating a dead horse.  If it looks like I am, it’s only because I had a hell of a work week and I’m only now catching up on putting the thought-buds that had been building up throughout the week into (hopefully coherent) sentences.  I promise that I’m not continuing to write about this in order to keep emotions fired up, conflicts alive, or trauma-reactions in perpetual motion.  I hope that everyone who either knows me on social media or has sifted through my blog thus far knows that that’s not my style.

I just have a lot to say.

So I guess I’ll get right down and say it.


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