10 Things *not* to assume about all Asperger’s / autistic females

the silent wave

My mom always said, “never assume.  Look at the way it’s spelled.  To assume makes an ‘ass’ out of ‘u’ and ‘me’.”

Cliche, I know.  But my mom was completely right.

(And besides, hearing your mom say “ass” when you’re six years old is pretty cool.)

It’s amazing how much the neurotypical (“NT”, aka non-autistic) world assumes about a person based on their (perceived) gender.  (I wrote “perceived” in quotes, because looks can be deceiving, especially when one doesn’t look beyond the surface.)

Since I was little, I railed against stereotypical socially-constructed “gender roles” (god, I even despise the term!).  I would think to myself (around the age of kindergarten, mind you), “what–just because I’m a girl, I have to wear a dress to Grandma’s??”  Even the word “dress” tasted bad in my mouth.  Yuck.

And what’s this Barbie doll crap?  I wanted to play with Legos.

“Well, that’s nothing,”…

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