How to “opt-out” of neurotypical culture (according to one #actuallyautistic)

What a great post! I can relate to so much, especially all those browser tabs being open, and spending quality time, vs. quantity time with my partner. I realize suddenly that I opted out of standard-issue neurotypical life many years ago — because it didn’t work for me, and also because it just doesn’t interest me. And yeah, marble countertops and stainless steel appliances have no appeal for me, at all, and while HGTV decorators have interesting ideas, the designs they come up with don’t appeal to me personally, at all. They look nice on the screen, but I could never relax in all that “mid-century modern” furniture.

the silent wave

Recently, I wrote a post about how, when I was very young, I got picked to be “The Cheese”, at which point I was outcast in an involuntary captive prominence and mocked, and then I eventually voluntarily chose to be “The Cheese”, at which point (to an extent) I cast myself out of mainstream society by choice.

Half-surprisingly (to me, at the time), I received comments; others had been in similar situations, and they had felt the same way!  (I shouldn’t be surprised by now, really; as I’ve mentioned before, so many of our experiences are so parallel that they bring tears of solidarity, identification, and healing to my eyes when I read them.) 🙂

One commenter in particular, Toshiro (whose insightful blog can be found here), actually fleshed his beautifully-stated comment into a blog post on his blog (!) (Talk about a neat “conversation” in blog posts!)


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