So…about that empathy quotient quiz ~ from an (one) Asperger’s / autistic point of view

I’m laughing as I read this… WTH does electrical wiring repair have to do with empathy…? Exactly. 🙂

the silent wave

I need to make one thing (OK, two things) very clear: the first is, I did not arrive at my Asperger’s/autism assessment lightly.  I don’t think I have a cavalier bone in my body.  The second point is, what follows is strictly my own opinion, at this particular point in time and space.   I’m not claiming to speak for anyone else on the spectrum.  The truth is, we’re all different anyway.  Hell, I might be different tomorrow than I am today.  (Might we all?) 🙂

Some people would disagree with my self-diagnosis, wondering how on earth I could arrive at such a claim so objectively.  Actually, they aren’t wondering; they’re making a statement, punctuated with a question mark, so that they don’t have to own the accusation they’re making.  Those People will get their own post, probably in the near future.  But I digress…

Back on point.

One of…

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5 thoughts on “So…about that empathy quotient quiz ~ from an (one) Asperger’s / autistic point of view

  1. Tim

    The ‘Strongly agree. Agree. Disagree. Strongly Disagree. responses don’t give much wiggle room.

    Question: “I find it easy to put myself in somebody else’s shoes.”

    Not if they’re wearing them I most certainly don’t. And if they aren’t wearing them it depends if they are the right size, and do they go with what I am wearing.

    Question: “When I talk to people, I tend to talk about their experiences rather than my own.”

    Now why on earth would I do that? And if it’s an experience I have no knowledge nor experience of how could I?

    Question: “If I were buying a stereo, I would want to know about its precise technical features.”

    No, I buy it based on whether it colour-coordinates with my trousers.

    Question: “Friends usually talk to me about their problems as they say that I am very understanding.”

    I’m not actually. I just stand there nodding my head and thinking about something else.

    Question: “When I’m in a plane, I do not think about the aerodynamics.”

    No, I think about where the hell are the exit points and why haven’t we been given parachutes and WHAT THE HELL IS THAT WING WOBBLING FOR???

    Question: “Before making a decision I always weigh up the pros and cons.”

    No I just blunder in like a bull in a china shop and is why whenever I cross the road there are sounds of loud screeching of brakes and car pile-ups.

    Question: “If there was a problem with the electrical wiring in my home, I’d be able to fix it myself.”

    That question is obviously put there for the men to answer as women don’t know how to do those things. No Visual Vox it was a joke stop hitting me

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    1. VisualVox

      Ha! I think the electrical work question is a Darwinian thing, intended to weed out the folks who test a live wire with the palm of their hand, vs. the back of it. I know at least that much… But don’t expect me to rewire my house. Plumbing is much more my domain of expertise.

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  2. This field was intentionally left blank

    I giggled with your opening comment lol 😊 I’m glad that others see the inherent (probably unintended) humor in that quiz 😊

    Thank you so much for reblogging me ❤️

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  3. amyes87

    At the end of the quiz you get empathy and systemising quotient results … I figured all the odd questions were for the systemising quotient side of it but they’re mixed together … I failed both lol 22 for empathising and 11 for systemising (lower than average ability for both apparently)

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