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For the past several weeks, I’ve been working with the curator of The ActuallyAutistic Blogs List, coming up a way to display all those hundreds of blogs, based on categories. Here’s the first “go” at generating topic-specific lists of blogs by #ActuallyAutistic bloggers. The main list continues to be curated — and what a mammoth undertaking that must be! I’ll be creating additional versions of this list, which allow for more filtering. But for now, feast your eyes upon all this:

Autistic Mothers with Autistic Child(ren)

Autistic Fathers with Autistic Child(ren)

Autistic Mothers without Autistic Child(ren)

Autistic Fathers without Autistic Child(ren)

Female Autistic Non-Parents

Male Autistic Non-Parents

Non-Binary Autistic Non-Parents

Other Autistic Blogs Non-Categorized

4 thoughts on “#ActuallyAutistic . info – the place to find #autistic blogs signal boost

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