School life as a little Aspie girl

I can relate to a lot in this – and I’m sure many other autistic women can, too.

the silent wave

Hey…cool kids over there…

Why don’t you like me?

Why can’t you give me a chance?

If you did, you’d probably like me.

I’m nice.

I would play with you.  I would share with you.  I would be honest with you.

I would laugh with you.  I would help you.  I’ll remember your birthday.

I would be there for you.  I would stand up for you.

I would never be mean to you.  I would never make fun of you.

I’m actually pretty cool, if you would just get to know me.  Just give me a chance.  One chance.

I like rainbows and rocks and art.  I like music and cats.  I like computers and reading.

See?  I’m not so bad.  I’m not so weird.  I’m not too different.  I can be cool, too.  I’m not the end of the world.

What did I do wrong?  When I get home…

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2 thoughts on “School life as a little Aspie girl

  1. This field was intentionally left blank

    Ok I teared up (in a good way ). The very thought that my past suffering might speak to someone else and perhaps bring them solace or healing is so very touching. Thank you for the signal boost ❤️

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