Worth It?

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mum2aspergirl goes back to school


Every now and again I get asked whether being assessed for autism as an adult is ‘worth it’.  This time it was by my physio, who I’d met just once before.

A strange question in any other scenario.  ‘Was it worth getting assessed for that broken wrist?’ ‘Was it worth getting assessed for that lump, you know, the one that turned out to be cancer?’ Of course it was worth it.  But for autism?  The very question suggests the questioner doesn’t believe so; perhaps already doesn’t believe the diagnosis.

Now, I am an autistic adult who was diagnosed just a few years ago.  Post qualifying as a teacher. Post travelling around the world. Post marrying the most wonderful man. Post becoming a mum (twice).  Which makes me successful, right?  Absolutely. No. Need. For an assessment.

Except that’s only part of my story. Also behind me are the spectacularly failed A levels. That battle with…

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