About that ‘security blanket’ ~ a shout-out to the #ActuallyAutistic bloggers… (100th post)

Always great to have a list handy. We love lists!!! And of Aspie blogs!!!

the silent wave

In my original post (“The Silent Wave“)–and several other posts–I mentioned stumbling (quite happily) across a bunch of blogs, most of which were written by other adult females on the Asperger’s/autism spectrum.  I described how they seemed to wrap me up in a warm security blanket, comforting me, supporting me, and bringing serenity, peace, healing, validation, and liberation.

The truth is, those blogs brought healing equivalent to about 10 years of therapy, over the course of a matter of weeks to a couple months.

Those blogs also gave me something else: incredible inspiration.  Witnessing and basking in the beauty and eloquence those authors generously released into the cyberscape, I wanted (very much) to give back, pay it forward, and join in.  So, I started this blog about a month after my own Asperger’s discovery.

It’s high time I gave those blogs and articles a shout-out, the recognition that…

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