Self-employment for people on the Asperger’s / autism spectrum

Great tips! I’ve started my own businesses in the past, but they floundered and foundered before long. There’s a lot that I did wrong. I’d love to restart – knowing now what I didn’t know then.

the silent wave

I’ve been wanting to write this post for some time.  I think that this topic is exceptionally constructive and empowering, desperately needed, and exceedingly rare.  There’s a plethora of advice in the cyber-sphere about how to start a business, run a business, grow a business, and succeed in business, so I’ll try not to repeat too much of that here.  This post is simply the advice and experience of one self-employed person on the spectrum, for people on the spectrum.

I could honestly write a book about this, and indeed, someday I probably will.  What qualifies me to write this post, much less such a book?

Well, I’m an Aspie.  It’s possible that my partner might be, too.  And we’re self-employed.  I’ve been self-employed for over 12 years, and we’ve been self-employed together for over six years.  I also grew up with self-employed parents (who, although both show some Asperger’s…

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4 thoughts on “Self-employment for people on the Asperger’s / autism spectrum

  1. Anonymous

    Hello there!
    My wife and I have two boys with Autism (13 & 15), both of whom have been exploring self-employment for over three years. Because we have seen self-employment as the best way forward for our children in a pursuit of meaningful employment. Because we have seen incredible value in self-employment within our own family, we founded & We would love to collaborate with your organization as we do all we can to empower parents all over the world, most recently, New Zealand!

    Our very best regards,
    Boaz & Minerva Santiago
    Proud #JobCreators

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    1. VisualVox

      Thank you for reaching out. Thanks for sharing your info – it looks like you have a great program in motion. Just so you know, most readers of this blog prefer calling themselves “autistic” rather than “with autism” — so do I 🙂

      Thanks for the work you do! I hope you’ll consider thinking of us as “autistic”, rather than “having autism”. Maybe someday… 🙂


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