I’m very much the same way.

Autism and Expectations

Coping strategies are importantwhen you’re autistic.

Sensory issues can be eased by stimming, headphones, dark glasses. Stimming distracts from negative information, creating positive sensations that make it easier to deal with an influx. Headphones and dark glasses reduce the amount of information our brains have to deal with.

For me they all fall under a wider umbrella of dealing with the processing.

My brain has to process a lot. All the time. Every choice sends a cobwebs of choices and decisions through my mind. Mind-maps explode left, right and centre. The smallest thing can trigger a downpour.

So whilst dealing with the raw sensory input pouring in, there’re then all these other processes to do.

Throw in “masking” and socialising, and I’m not just having to consciously decipher your body language and expressions, I’m also having to project my own in a way that you can understand. That incredible neurotypical…

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