Briefly, Regarding Labels

Labels really can come in handy, especially when there’s agreement on what they really mean.


There have been some excellent posts lately on the issue of labels in general and the label “Autistic” specifically. You can find my two current  favorites here and here, as well as my previous post where I discuss labels.

Then, this morning I was reminded by this Tumblr post (I’m not sure how to embed it here, but please do click through and read it) that not everyone views labels the way I do. Some people see labels as predictors of what someone can or cannot successfully accomplish.

I see the Autistic label specifically as a tool for greater understanding – particularly for greater self understanding. I do not see “Autistic” as a means by which to limit someone’s options or as something that should define a person’s potential.

So, in much the same way as is expressed in the Tumblr post above, I have mixed feelings about being diagnosed late…

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