Labels are very useful containers for meaning. The problem arises when those meanings are negative or hurtful or thoughtless.

Autism and Expectations

This morning my car wasn’t happy, so I took my son’s go-kart-in-car’s-clothing on the school run.

He’s not passed his test yet, so it has Learner Plates on it. And oh how they make a difference to how other drivers behave around you.

Most people give you a bit more space, just in case you need it. Then there was the red car who tailgated me for a mile before overtaking me (whilst I was going 60mph, the limit). And the grey car who sat on my bumper the rest of the way.

It’s not that interesting a story. But my driving style hasn’t changed a bit by getting in a different car.

People do behave noticeably differently when they think you’re not as good at something as they are. They forget to look at the evidence before them, they rely on assumptions.

Learner driver = will slow me down…

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