Anonymously Autistic – One of Many Invisible Women on The Spectrum

There really are so many of us…

Anonymously Autistic

I am one of many anonymous invisible Autistic women. We are invisible or anonymous for many reasons.

Some of us are anonymous because we fear the world is not ready to change the way it sees Autistic people. There is something wrong with the world when a common response to an Autistic person trying to come out is “You’re nothing like Rain Man!”

Of course I most of us are not like a fictional movie character. Most of us are unique individuals. That is like me comparing all Neurotypicals to the cast of Beverly Hills 90210. Not all NT’s are hyper social just like not all Aspies are like Raymond Babbitt.

Some of us are anonymous because we like our privacy. We may tell our closest friends and relatives but find it hard to talk about our Autism with people we are not close to. Those of us who…

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