Cobwebs: Autistics and Neurotypicals

I am exactly the same with my partner. Took months to convince her I had no ulterior motives.

Autism and Expectations

Autistics and Neurotypicals are a perfect pairing.

My husband is neurotypical. I’m autistic. Relationships aren’t always easy, but there’s something about our pairing that works.

When we first got together, there were many miscommunications. They started with my blunt “I like you, I find you attractive.” Which he assumed couldn’t be fully genuine, because people aren’t that open.

That moved on to him assuming that if I ever pointed out a problem, it must be enormous. Why else would I state it?

I stated it because I’d noticed it. It wasn’t a judgement, it was clearing the path of weeds. It was keeping communication flowing. It was learning about each other.

My diagnosis really helped him understand who I am. He was able to truly believe that my words were not passing through a filter of social-nuance. I was stating facts. I think he’s great, I say it.

In so…

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