Asperger’s and loneliness…

This sounds familiar…

the silent wave

Loneliness is another one of my internal tugs-of-war.

On one hand, I cherish and frequently need time alone.  I get to rest, recharge, and reset my whole system.  During these times, I don’t necessarily feel lonely.  I’m comfortable with myself, partaking in my individual “one-player game” activities.  I don’t get anxious about being alone.  I don’t need to constantly surround myself with people to feel complete or valid.  I can often stand on my own and be OK.

During other times, I do get lonely.  I can feel lonely even when surrounded by lots of people (sometimes, especially when I’m surrounded by lots of people).  At times, I’ve felt lonely, even in the company of loved ones.  I can feel like those around me don’t truly understand, and that I can never hope to explain myself enough to be understood; no amount of explanation would suffice.

When I was a…

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